Mezonoxian Operations - Featuring Mesonoxia  Patent Elixir & Existential Medicine Show
HERE YE, HEAR YE, Step right up! 
 In this here covered wagon I have an undiluted miracle tonic for any ailment or endeavor.

(& Just about anyone else) 

As all are trapped in the same identification with noun.  Below are some MezUn certified concepts and operatives.  Many fingers point at the moon.  Many people confuse the moon with the fingers.  If you don't see the direct links between the fingers below, you really ought to read the book. But if you do know the links, you still really ought to read the book. 
We need you.  We need couriers.  Step right up and join the Meson Stealth Guild. 
For most, it's all just laser pointers in the sky.

This however, while it may look similar, 
is not a rehashing all the same tired themes and sacred geometry crap you've already read.
This is what we can all actually do, incrementally in our everyday lives to bring a vaccine against ignorance and suffering to the planet, while having  high times doing it.  

This is a new way to be in the world.  And this is not...
The real secret.  The real DaVinci Code. The Common Denominator.
Nothing else to understand. Available in Direct Injection, Elixir, Vapor or Solid. Meson Resin. 
Noxiously contagious poetic etymology. 100% Vegan - Plant based - 
has been tested on animals but they enjoy it.
Warning: May cause A.D.D. (Attention,Distribution&Defiance)
A few counter-intuitive things you'll learn with a dose of, on your way to, and only in Mesonoxia;
  • How a GED can be more valuable than a Master's Degree in the modern workforce.
  • Exactly why we don't actually know whether the earth revolves around the sun or vice versa.
  • How to turn an opiate addiction into a career booster.                              
  • How the world would function best as a timeshare point system.
  • How the book of Genesis, Zeno's paradox, Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle, and the 2nd seal of Buddhism are not only all the same thing but how you can use this knowledge to cut your hair, coach little league, and other everyday tasks.
  • How street smarts may aide you in the business sector.
  • How to sort your laundry like the Messiah
  • How to use life's inherent dichotomy in the creation of new "dharmicly ergonomic" business models.
  • Why the weaker strains of the 60's grade marijuana would be more harmful than today's not less.
  • Why incessantly thinking positive and being optimistic is precisely half the time a terrible idea that ends very badly.
  • Why you should plant native species in your garden.
  • How we know eating flesh can lead to cancer, heart disease, hypertension, type two diabetes and is the cause of every degenerative brain illness including Alzheimer's, Mad Cow, and of course A.I.D.S.
  • Why you shouldn't kill ticks and mosquitoes.
  • How and why 12 steps is not the best way to give up bad habits.
  • Why whether God exists or not is irrelevant.
  • What the real meaning is regarding the phenomenon known as synchronicity.
  • Why you should and how to more effectively choreograph your own life, business, and society like "Big Brother".
  • Exactly how a look in the eye, an inflection in the voice, or the last bite of burrito you ingested may cause the Apocalypse.
  • Orange juice is yellow.
  • How you are a pixel in the integrity of the Messiah.
  • How the Pyramids of Giza were constructed and why it has nothing to do with aliens.
  • Why some of the craziest conspiracies you've heard might actually be good for the planet, much, much more, and but also most importantly...
  • How all of these random sporadic musing are quite specifically part of and inspired by precisely the same idea
Welcome. You've stumbled upon the real deal my friend. 
Trust me, you haven't heard it explained like this before.
Take this run, go ahead have a little fun,
You won't soon forget the tide 
coming in with the Sun
And a message in a bottle 
About a prize you've not yet won 
You've just tried the rest
Put it all to the test
But it has left you
and oh so
than impressed.
You were looking for inspiration,
but you're all just angry and
always stressed
From calculations & explanations
Frantic, and obsessed
With a world of information
but a life not quite so blessed
As you occasion the train but remain always a guest
Incapable of distinguishing what is moving from at rest
While it beckons at your doorstep 
You hush and shoo it
 as if a pest.
Because you think, you have seen it, 
Trust that you've heard it, or
Believe that you know it
at its, or
 when it's, or
what it
Is precisely why it regrets,
 Fuckin' Chest 
  it's.../ for.../ of... / with...
Ray Charles
You Don't know Me
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