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Help us get more Mesonoxia cooked up, refined and delivered to you personally.
Donations are appreciated, but you can also get on the maintenance plan, get prescription strength Mesonoxia tailored to you , not available to the general public or prior to it becoming available to the masses.  You may even be invited to join the guild and become a Mesonoxia distributor/ad-minister with your own copy and distribution license.  Start small, go big, It's all up to you.  The game began a long time ago.  You can dabble with the mez on occasion or you can jump in with both feet.  But this is just a beginning, and while the end will be much like the beginning, most do find what they were looking for somewhere in the middle of...
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As you give so shall you receive.
As you measure,
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Use the form below to give us more insight into yourself so we can craft a precision blend of Meson to suit your needs.  Your donation to the right (our right, your left)  is a gesture of your generosity and will be received as such. Maybe it indicates a value you believe you've  received from this site.  Maybe you just like where this is going.
We do not often sell Mesonoxia directly.  Suspend your habitual way of doing business online or any other way. 
Arrest the temptation to think you should pay us first for a product. 
 We give freely.  You may reward us if you choose to, or not.  Your donations are an indication  you have gotten "something" out of this, even if that something is just a mere curiosity.  We're not going to tell you what value you to place on it.  That is in the eye of each beholder.  
          We could offer you a guarantee.  Or you can simply offer us the  guarantee that if you do not like what you have read, heard or seen in Mesonoxia you simply won't send us any money.  Doesn't that make more sense?  Some write books, some create "courses"  some post videos to YouTube and try to get ad money off of the hits.  Some write newsletters, some make CD's or DVD's  We could do any of it and probably will.   How's this....  If you believe the whole world needs to hear what this is after you have ingested it, you must demand it.  Shower enough appreciation in the basket and we will be able to do so, or give you the right to do it as you wish.  Our long term goal after the unique animal sanctuary/herbivore Kingdom Mesonoxia, is to open the Mesonoxia Illuminarium on the Boardwalk in Atlantic City.  If you have interest in helping us with this, we can give you more information on the blueprints.  If you believe the more advanced recipes ought to remain "underground" or as your secret stash, we are open to that as well.
Gogol Bordello
Through the Roof Underground
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