Mezonoxian Operations - Featuring Mesonoxia  Patent Elixir & Existential Medicine Show
famously remarked;
"ANYONE who needs more than a mic. & spotlight is a punk..."
...or something to that effect
The midnight train of thought operates on that same spirit.  
Nothing too fancy on this site.  It is the words.  Looks can be deceiving and sometimes ugly beats pretty.  It lets you know I'm just here talking to you.  A regular Joe.  The shallow need not apply as I'm going to give you something powerful.  Something that can't be seen, tasted, touched, heard or smelt. It can't be envisioned or avoided.  This is your underground  bootleg exchange.  As it should be.  So keep it simple and keep it low.  The Mez is zero proof.  You have to search for it and prove yourself worthy.  Not to me, only to yourself.  I've made it pretty easy, fairly expedient, as here you get it raw, won't chop it.  But like  an abandoned building in a bad side of town, this shop isn't designed to be too enticing but for those who know what they are looking for.  You aren't going find this on TV.
The book, "Mesonoxia: Uncut Existential Moonshine" (of which you can find right now 7 of the currently 37 chapters here) was intended to piss off just about everyone at some point.  It is a subtraction process.  Non-prophet productions isn't anti-prophet.  Prophet means spokesman, not fortune teller.  I am speaking for the absence of something.  The absence of madness isn't a "thing" much like veganism isn't a club, it is the absence of murder and exploitation.  Libertarianism in the fashion I'm using it isn't a party but the absence of inefficient and idiotic laws, anarchy not mayhem, just without archons or rulers.  Atheism isn't anti-God, it is simply without theism.  Enlightenment isn't a mind state, but the absence of delusion and emotion.  Through a process of osmosis, the unifying "gnosis" will seep into your brain, bind to your receptors and take on a muscle memory like life of it's own. 

And hey don't worry, you aren't going to get a lecture.  Well, maybe a couple but it shouldn't be confused with the point.  We take on various subject matter as grist for the mill but it is not to turn you into anything or influence your politics or values per say.  
None of that is Mesonoxia.