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Posi+ively Delusional
           One evening at the Holistic School I attended as a young adult, our instructor had us all tie pendulums from the middle of a hanger.  We were instructed to hold the hanger and imagine the pendulum swinging.  Picture it moving back and forth but make sure to keep your hand completely still. Sure enough, everyone in the room became telekinetic within minutes.  Amazing.
            Being a Debby-Downer I told everyone I believed they were subtly shifting the position of the hanger, even though it appeared to stay still.  I received some snide comments about my faith and belief.  The presentation ended with a subtle jab from the instructor not to miss the point, and the sentiment that it had all been used for example purposes of something which I can only assume I missed.  The group quickly changed the subject after I had wagered my Mazda MX-6 to the first person who could do the same thing hanging the hanger off of the coat rack
Reductio Ad Absurdum & The Scientific Method
Remove one ingredient from the recipe at a time and split test the remains.
            While working and interning at the Holistic Center, I did benefit greatly from much of what I learned.  The teachings of Ram Dass were particularly instrumental, but let me say firmly, before the midnight train catches up with Jesus, the Buddha, Maharaj-ji and company that Mesonoxia, is NOT  “new-age” pseudo science. The themes presented in Mesonoxia are as old as time itself.  While I borrow from many traditions and insights both spiritual and scientific, there are truly no “black boxes” in Mesonoxia. Nothing mysterious.  Nothing, on faith alone.
            After a recent Meson-Opera (Life Choreography) session, a client suggested I study a well known new-age doctor, Dr. Bruce Lipton.  My client believed that Dr. Lipton had been paving inroads into a couple of the concepts I had been explaining to him with Mesonoxia.  If you aren’t familiar, Dr. Lipton is a biologist, and geneticist, who proposes to prove that what we believe about genetics is all wrong and that our “perceptions” influence our genetic code much more than physical reality, if physical reality plays a role at all. 
          Dr. Lipton is a shrewd marketer and feeds a new-age audience exactly the themes they already cherish, using snapshots of science.  He uses a grab bag of scientific laws for his rationale and also claims a “zero black boxes” explanation for his interpretation.  His fans can be found online claiming that he has dis-proven Darwinism among other things.
            Dr. Lipton misrepresents what the scientific community actually teaches however.  He plays on the layman’s ignorance of cellular biology, and society’s clichéd and unsophisticated understanding of scientific terms.  He also has uses a subtle play "onwards" to make connections that are truly inside the “black box”.  What I mean is, there is no direct link in his chain of reasoning anymore than a squirrel’s nest is to him a “home” but for you and me, a pile of twigs and some mud isn’t something we can live in.  In technical terms, this is an equivocation fallacy.  Let me explain.
            The doctor goes into a long lecture with moments of passionate salesmanship to mask the black boxes at key times.  I can’t knock his sales and marketing skill, but the science leaves a lot to be desired.  He claims for example, that when a scientist says, “There is a cancer gene”, that the scientist and society as a whole believe that cancer is predetermined.  He states that this is obviously untrue because had it been true, then a baby born with the cancer gene would immediately begin to develop cancer.  What scientists actually mean when they refer to a cancer gene however, is that when the cell comes into contact with toxic material or cancerous conditions, the organism may be more prone to developing cancer based on its genetic make up of course.  Lipton’s most earth shattering revelation resides in his claim that “the nucleus of the cell is but a repository of blueprints but does not control the cell, and is not the brain of the cell as [he states] scientists view it”.      
          Lipton professes that your “perception” influences what is in the repository and thus, through your perception you can control your genetic destiny in this physical way.  This may in fact be the truth for all we know, and my aim here is not to argue it either way but rather to point out that his logic doesn’t stand up to the acid test of the “no black box” claim.  It is here where the awareness of his subtle use of word choice unravels the entire argument.    
            The doctor next goes into a lengthy explanation of the membrane of the cell and how it is like our skin which “perceives” its environment.  He explains how each cell has a nervous system, an endocrine system, digestive system, et cetera.  He makes a metaphorical comparison as to how we are all basically just big cells.  This is somewhat accurate as far as comparisons go, but not exactly science.  I've observed that Lipton gets most excited at times when these links are necessary for the absorption of his reasoning.  He becomes particularly fired up when asking us, “So what controls the cell? Perception!” - as if there was absolutely zero substantive difference between a cell membrane “perceiving” toxic waste in it’s environment – (your body), from your mental perception as to whether or not you “perceive” having cancer. There in lays the huge black box.  
          Perhaps your mental perception, stress, et cetera, may influence the cells environment (chemical make-up of your body) in which the cell exists, although we are now on much shakier grounds in terms of direct causation, and I guess if anything it makes for a nice musing.  The stimulus for the cell however (e.g. - the toxic waste or radioactivity) isn’t at the whim of our mental perception, obviously.  Whether or not Lipton knows that this is the critical point which the balance of his lecture rests on is not my job to speculate on.  However, if I give him the benefit of the doubt, I am genuinely frightened for humanity to think that this man has passed medical school given this type of juvenile reasoning he presents in his lecture.  
            It appears to me, that by getting excited at the key times, and by vocally fading in and out during his seminar in a chaotic, somewhat hypnotic delivery pattern and while knowing just exactly what the themes his audience wishes to hear are, like any crafty preacher, Lipton allows one to read into his lecture what they wish.
            When he gets down into what his fans call debunking Darwin, he uses this rationale:  In the late 80’s an paradigm shattering paper came out wherein scientists had bacteria in a 5 separate Petri dishes and applied some type of stimulus.  In all five dishes the genetic variations were the same, leading the doctor to get very excited again as he asks, “Where is the random mutation in that?!”  This is actually the most ironic statement in the entire presentation as it specifically disproves his thesis. 
           If we correctly understand what the scientific community asserts about random mutation, it is not that the bacteria would change randomly when hit with the mechanism, it is that the bacteria would be hit with random different mechanisms, or stimulus, thus changing randomly based on what it encountered in the world.  If what he said earlier were true, that it was “perception” that caused the change, than each Petri dish could or would come out different based on the way it perceived the stimulus.  
          The contents of each dish changed in the same way because “perception” as he correctly asserted in the first instance was the physical act of the cell membrane being introduced to the stimulus and going back into the repository (nucleus) for what to do with it.  While the repository didn’t do the acting and controlling itself in the physical way, it was one part of the two part combination which unequivocally determined the result. The result was not based on any subjective, mysterious, or mystical “perception”, which is of course why the entire argument is a huge black box.
            By playing with the loose"perception" many have of the words he is using and the lack of discriminating awareness of the layman in general, Dr. Bruce Lipton proposes dangerous ideas for the average person, who upon acceptance of his themes, distrusts science, and opts for crack pot quack cures when they do get sick.  They then may believe their illnesses have metaphysical or supernatural causes, rather than understanding they may have poor diets for their body types and/or genetics.  In the most reductio ad absurdum and mesonoxian faultless logic as I can muster, consider this; if what Dr. Lipton said were true, than should you hallucinate or go bat shit nuts and “perceive” you can fly, your cells would kick into action and start mutating to give you wings.  No. This is obviously not how it works.  
          The cause of flight is still a mystery but some likely scenarios include the resultant adaptation of gliders, or perhaps leaping fowl sustaining flight at first for just a moment and gradually through selection becoming stronger.  Perhaps even the long shot of mating and posturing leading to larger feathers, but whatever it was, “perception” being the sole agonist can probably be ruled out.  
          While there may be ways to decrease your risk of cancer such as veganism and not smoking, for examples; and while there may also be lesser known alternative cures like Essiac, B-17, Gerson Therapy, the Hoxsey Method, Mistletoe, Sodium Bicarbonate treatment and Burzynski Antineoplastins - just to name a few that many have claimed over the years to have cured them; I am sorry to be a Denny Downer, but you should probably still trust the Chemo (as horrible as it is) or whatever physical regimen you do decide upon more than your magical perception.
            This does not mean the brain isn’t capable of some amazing feats however.  I shouldn’t even say the brain specifically though, as I really just mean life.  Consider that there was a time during which cells took millions of years to develop messenger molecules like acetylcholine and norepinephrine.  Much time passed before the early receptors were able to take energy from light waves and transform them into nerve impulses.  The rhodopsinreceptor once had other shit to do. Sometimes people wonder why anyone would read old spiritual texts for insight.  They think that they must have been written by a more primitive intellect.  In truth, it was just a different type of intellect.  
           Evolution isn’t necessarily always a positive.  If rhodopsin had taken on another job, it may have been advantageous to the organism in some way, but perhaps not as beneficial as sight.  Imagining a time when there was no sight, makes it easy to see that perhaps we are still evolving spiritually, and a new type of awareness not yet imaginable on a grand scale may yet be possible for mankind, even if we aren’t ready or capable of knowing what that might be.  Therefore, I don’t want the reader to think I am suggesting the only possibilities are those we know of currently as western rational materialists.  Everything still functions within the material realm though, and even if we don’t perceive it as physical because it is so far outside our current reality.  In much the same way that the benefit of sight, sound, taste, and “perception” would seem spooky, mystical, or mysterious to anything without those faculties, a new and illuminated potential for man may be coming.  It is no more magical however than the cuttlefish that can change color and shape on the dime like a super hero, or a bird that can fly.  
          If you had never seen a creature take flight, it would seem equally miraculous.  When people espouse that these type of "miraculous" examples can instantly be relied upon in desperate circumstances however, common sense for their immediate relevance must kick into gear also.
            Far too often we think way too simplistically about new information presented to us.  For example, we first learn that a diet high in vegetables, beans, and whole grains may help lower our cholesterol.  It isn’t so much that they lower our cholesterol however, as it is that they don’t add to it.  It is that they are being substituted for the same nutrients you may find in meat without the added cholesterol, saturated fat, or whatever the study of the week is that is being used to sell us a new product.  Then the commercial becomes “eat this to lower your cholesterol” and finally we have removed a critical piece of the context.  Instead of A + B =C, the commercial touts A = C.  More accurately, it should be something like A – B = C or most accurately, A in substitution of B = C.  People take little or no consideration for the totality of the elements (much more on this in bone picking, Noxious Con-Fession, and Political Concoctions).
               Back to the main point about positive thinking; it isn't just the new-age types who buy into these types of fantasies and limited logic however.  It has developed an almost universal pop-acceptance.  At a gala event in Princeton, NJ outside the Governor’s Mansion, I had the unfortunate experience of listening to a representative from the Lance Armstrong Foundation speak to large group before fielding questions.  This was before Lance had been caught doping, but in any event the foundation was in gung-ho positivist cancer killing awareness raising form. 
          After listening to the emotional and impassioned lecture on how to support your loved ones should they become sick, I recalled seeing that exact topic discussed on “60 Minutes” some months prior.  To the chagrin of my supervisor, I asked the speaker what I thought was a poignant and relevant question.  This was a work function however, and all about politics and good show.  This wasn't the time for fruitful discussion.  I however, being unapologetic and uncompromising in my will to never leave god damn well enough alone, figured "when else might I get an opportunity to influence hundreds of health care professionals on a pertinent topic related to their livelihood?" 
           I asked the speaker if he could speak to what I had seen on CBS.  Namely, that many people who were dying of cancer felt not only that they had to deal with their imminent mortality but now also with the added stress of being made to feel like quitters among the positively delusional bandwagon of self-help guru miracle thought quackery. They now had the added guilt of letting down their all day positive well meaning friends and family, as if they simply couldn’t summon the strength to“stay positive” and believe their disease was somehow no match for their “spirit”.  Everyone around them subtly and/or subconsciously buying into this pseudo-scientific positivity horse-shit, was now adding to the misery of the experience.  
         I am not suggesting that there is anything inherently wrong with staying positive.  Hell, it might even have some health inducing properties.  Perhaps stress hormones give cancer replication added fuel, who knows.  But when the medicine reacts one way with your condition, lifestyle, or genetics, et cetera, and still another way with your neighbors; publicly chalking up the favorable outcome in one instance to your warrior spirit, may in fact be a tad too pretentious for reality and also may be doing many people more harm than good. 
          Not everything in life is positive, nor does it lead to something positive.  Not everything in life can be even used as cause or motivation for others to be inspired by.  Sometimes positivism and naïve optimism can simply cause heartache, frustration and even death.  My question may have been glossed over by the speaker, but I am unflinchingly certain that it was heard in full by the room.  In the end, we found out where the doping Lance Armstrong put his trust for gold, science.
            While we will delve into the outreaches of the mind, Mesonoxia should not be confused with illogical madness.  This is not “The Secret”.  The real secret, Meson – Middle way eclectic insight, is the discriminative awareness that allows you to see through all that shit.  This is the courage to reduce it all to the absurd, regardless of the emotional buzz in the air.  This is the eclectic wisdom that shows you the truth in all circumstances.  Mesonoxia is the power, humble and at times not so humble confidence that allows one to learn from all stimuli while remaining the adult in the room, no matter the room.  
           For those familiar with my blog, when we say you will “reign over everything” we are speaking in practical terms.  I am alluding more to invulnerability than invincibility though of course.  No one will be able to pull the wool over your eyes, or at very least not as frequently because your spectral vision glasses will hone in like a laser on the card that brings down the house.  Mesonoxia is the awareness that perceives in all dimensions.  When we say “dimensions” however, we aren’t talking spooky, string theory dimensions; we mean actual physical dimensions.  So when someone shows you a house of cards, or a 2-D cutout, you walk around it and observe it from another angle, where the illusion fails, and the house of cards falls, the mirage fades, the hoax and the black box, all evaporate.
            I don’t mean to or intend to take shots simply or only at the establishment.  With my client, maybe I hadn’t been making that clear enough.  I could have gotten much more money out of him if I were willing to lead him on a wild goose chase searching for some esoteric truth contingent on his “perception”.  This commitment, like Gandhi’s, is to truth however, not consistency or quackery.  When I say I’m “a little nuts”, I am certainly telling the truth by society’s definition of nuts, but I’m a little nuts and a lot kidding around.  While establishing that Mesonoxia isn’t your grandfather’s religion or a religion at all; it should also be said also then that Mesonoxia isn’t your crackpot uncle’s new-age a la carte buffet.  
          This isn’t the “law of attraction”.  It always baffles me observing this prosperity psychology that the pastors and the new-age alike profess faith in.  They deny the zero-sum game of the material world.  They talk Jesus while unknowingly practicing Satanism.  The Secret, by definition is synonymous with the occult.  I’m not saying you should be one or the other, but get your story straight.  There is no submission to God’s will while commanding and seeking the power of intention be used toward your own selfish indulgences of materialism. 
          The idea that if you profess privately or publicly in the power of your Lord, and that he then in turn blesses you with material wealth or good fortune of any kind would indicate a favoritism on his part over the other creatures and people around you in this giant competition.  A game show of cars and boats symbols off everything it has done for you but for whatever reason has not done for others - lends itself to an incessant championing of "might makes right" because after all; how did might get that way?  It’s a variation of the caste system in which your lot in life is determined by some external thing.  The difference being only the degree of your involvement with this external thing.  
            Speaking of humility, I've been in meetings where the day after we write a deal we go around the room and tell the other sales people why the people purchased, what we did right and why it was right for the client as a training exercise to help others.  There are some who consistently take the "high road" and say it was all the manager or closer on the back.  They did it all and the salesperson was far less pertinent.  Sometimes this is true and it is nice to give credit to whoever deserves it.  Some however, do it every time and to which the Manager will say, "Isn't he/she humble?"
            No actually in a room full of people who value humility, incessantly demonstrating your humility like a walking Tim Tebow end-zone dance is in polite society a transparently ostentatious and vulgar display of vanity.  It's "look at me and how humble I am, aren't I swell?"  In reality it is approval seeking, a way of currying favor with your superiors in effort to acquire more for yourself while giving nothing of instructive substance to your colleagues and the point of the exercise.  It is mere humble posturing and in fact preening your ego.
            So then, in the same way the idea that giving all your successes up to this external entity could act as a demonstration of humility they so obviously intend it as, is profoundly ridiculous in that it represents your self professed means of accomplishing and accumulating more of these successes for yourself.  That notion is not Judeo-Christian or Islamic, as it is in substance acting as a mechanical means to an end, it is therefore explicitly Magick, Hermeticism or Luciferianism. 
            The big split between Christianity, or any Orthodox religion for that matter, and its mystical counterparts resides in the idea that you have anything to do with it.  I’m not saying any of it is correct or incorrect, just that if you reject the mystical experience, the idea you too can go the trip, be enlightened, be like Jesus or Buddha, know the mind of God, but can then turn around and use the force for any type of personal gain is one not the other.  The two things are inconsistent.  You are either using magic or you aren't.  "Spells" are just words.  We spell a word.  Magic is just persuasion, sophistry, using rhetoric ahead of logic, and logic ahead of grammar (the who, what, when, where, why & how.) *Google Jan Irvin for more on the Trivium/Quadrivium
            On YouTube today you can find many lectures on Hermeticism, Ancient Egypt, Neo-Platonism and Gnosis.  But everyone still holds tight to ideas of the supernatural and superstitious.  Wicca, the occult, Magick, Kabbalah, Islamic divine numerology or Freemasonry can all show you sacred geometry.  Whether or not the Pyramids were built using levers and pulleys or through levitation of stones through the timing the polar shifts, positioning of Ley Lines and magnetic energy, who gives a shit?  If you understand what they want you to then you would understand that magick isn’t magical, it’s just still science that contemporary scientists (or laymen) can't explain or don't understand.  But what does it help?  If we can levitate a block at Stonehenge or the Great Pyramids, so what?  How would that make our lives better today?  
            It is supposed to get us to a place where the meta-physical and the physical lack a relevant distinction.  Whether there is a science to the soul or there isn’t, if the implication is that an earlier civilization had it all figured out, then all they figured out was, “this does this, and that does that”.  Fax machines are like telekinesis.  Talking on the phone to someone across the world would be miraculous to an earlier society, a form of telepathy.  Our positive thinking  however, when critically analyzed is superstitious thinking.  It is a belief in spooky forces that can not be explained with normal cause and effect.  Whether it has a real benefit to us or not, if the forces are real there is of course a reason that can be understood, hence gnosis, knowledge is all there is.
           As an aside, the truth about the Pyramids is something they don't want you to know because it isn't good for business.  Business for whom?  Travel and tourism, conspiracy theorists, all kinds of business.  The truth is however, that their construction and precision didn't involve much heavy lifting or cutting in the first place.  The stones were cast, much like pouring cement.  The reason the Freemasons are associated with hermeticism is because alchemy is just chemistry.  While everyone else was sweating it out to cut and move large materials they figured out how to make stones and by keeping it secret they had amazing advantages over others.  Chemistry seems pretty magical if you don't know how to do it.  Turning water into wine?  Yes, its called fermentation.  Healing the sick?  Yes it is called medicine.  Doesn't that make more sense?  
            The Ancient Egyptians mined salt from wadi beds and then mixed it with ash from burnt palm trees rich in calcium oxide.  When you add water it becomes a caustic soda. They mixed that with extracted soft limestone and hardened it with gypsum.  It becomes a paste very high in pH which they added salt to lower.  They had legions of workers carrying the paste up in small containers and putting them into wooden molds which they would tamp down and leave to dry.
           Naturally people would want to keep this knowledge secret because they wanted to see what else they could discover like turning other materials into gold for example.  If everyone knows how to do it, it isn't as valuable.  So God, religion and Magic were kind of the same thing.  If you can create an illusion you can get people to believe in the supernatural and if you can do that you can get them to do anything.  Today some folks have recognized that you don't believe in any of this crap anymore so they are grooming the population to believe in aliens.
            The Pyramids are amazing to me in that the geometry of their size and dimensions line up with the speed of light and Easter Island and a host of other things beyond the their immediate relevance to this chapter.  But it is just a piece of art.  Like the Mona Lisa, the unification of all knowledge as a structure, or a painting, or whatever.  Everyone gets so carried away, and that’s what they want you to do.  They want to lead you on a goose chase after you discover your religion's explanations are incomplete.  It’s no big deal however, just art from intelligent people who were good at geometry and chemistry before others were and want to believe in their lasting or infinite superiority.  This is why Jesus said the man who knows everything but does not know himself knows shit (I'm paraphrasing). 
           The only truly positive thinking is accurate thinking.  People are so superstitious they have forgotten what superstition is.  It is a belief in magic, or magical thinking where no matter what philosophy, religion, science or psychology they ascribe to they are delusional, seeking something externally while thinking of it as  something that can be accessed internally.  A yearning for access to something that is outside of the realm of direct cause and effect but that can be relied upon through the mechanics of mind.  A direct contradiction.
            Yes, the streets of Washington D.C. form a hexagram.  Yes, the Masons have been constructing buildings for centuries using the same hermetic knowledge that was used in Giza and perhaps Stonehenge.  It is not all such a federal case however.  It is just a bunch of intellectual hoops to jump through so that egomaniacs can feel like they have bestowed the secret of life upon you as a way of gaining your allegiance into the guild of architectural existential choreographic poetry.  It started as a secret organization to preserve a mathematical way of viewing what it is all about, that was later hijacked and turned into an impotent charade.  Then through successions of the telephone game (Chinese Whispers in the UK) everyone has arrived at a place where they are all fighting with each other and believing they are the good guys using the same essential formula, but divided by the external way it was cloaked. 
          This is very much like our institutions of higher learning.  It’s all just a way to divide people into camps of proverbial sheep or cattle.  Sociopathic symbolism is noticeable in the events and movies you see on television.  I’m not going to talk at all in this book about whether 911 was a hoax or not, or the Holocaust, or JFK, Vietnam, Pearl Harbor, Aurora, Sandy Hook, or any of it.  It’s all a gradient hoax.  The people know it intuitively.  To spend time arguing the facts of event which can be argued a different way or blacklisted from television and rewritten later after all the eyewitnesses are deceased, will never beat the machine.  
            Our entire history is obviously a hoax as everyday of our lives are a hoax. We don’t combat any of this by arguing details.  We combat it by making something else more interesting.  To all parties.  We don’t have to have chem trails poison everyone so Monsanto can monopolize the world with resistant seeds, we could just stop having 90 million children.  I volunteer, don’t kill the rest of them.  The problem then becomes the world gets dumber and dumber in "Idiocracy" like fashion.  The medicare ponzi scheme works only because we have perpetual new donors.  Without having more children, that dries up as well.  It doesn't appear this is going to end well.  But stay positive.
          The alchemist turning lead into gold is just like a metaphor for the spiritual journey of the white magician, or the sales technique of the red/black.  It is all just the intention behind your “power of intention”, but all while nothing metaphysical is happening.  You aren't visiting other realms when you ingest DMT, you are just tripping balls.  More accurately anything that is beyond the physical is on some level physical, somewhere else.  If it exists, it exists.  If it doesn’t it doesn’t.  Gravity, magnetism, sound waves, and whatever else we might later discover all still operate lawfully and exist both physically and what we could describe as meta-physically, though we don’t think about those things in spooky terms.  Why not?  What the hell is the difference? 
          The new age is obsessed with the vibrational frequencies of your “consciousness”, a term which they have now turned into a noun much like the religious have done with God.  Everyone is out to lunch.  They may be in different restaurants, but they are eating the same crap.  No one isolates the composite parts.  Many Christians I know actually demonstrate Satanic beliefs through their “positive thinking”, but don’t understand nor care to understand either one and have simply bought into this prosperity pseudo/pop-psychology of their time.
            This here however, is for anyone who wants to do things more efficiently, understand and gauge things more precisely, plan things exponentially, feel things much more poignantly, pursue things ergonomically, and live this life exquisitely.  Even when people talk conspiracies they are buying into a story whose end has already been written by a thought form much older than our individual lives.  Whether you are the loser or the victor in such debates you’re a pawn in someone else’s tale.  Even in talking against it you strengthen it through your involvement as the drowning out and reassembling will be done in your absence.  With this, you don’t exist as your “immortal soul” is a carbon copy.  As the non-prophets, we aren’t anti-establishment or anti anything inherently, we are spokespersons for the absence of something.  Your own idea.  A new primary color.  When you go out into the world, you have to create art that says something else.  You have to convince your captors to see something different.  It’s not just the sheep sitting next to you that needs convincing.   
           This convincing is accomplished through ambiguity, the middle way.  It is coded in our history, but then always painted over.  Whether in Christianity, the American Revolution, it all becomes "Animal Farm" given time.  The symbols we use to remind us of liberation, become symbols of our bondage.
          Incessantly splitting the difference and allowing nothing to be indiscriminately correlated in our minds is how we allow the truth to hang around.  We need to be able to talk to everyone.  So we need to understand everyone.  As long as you are only reading one book, it doesn’t matter the book you are reading so much as what you are not reading (much like the chapters in this book).  The true saving grace of Jesus as talked about in the synoptic gospels but demonstrated in Thomas is thinking through your third eye.  It is the same as Buddha's middle way.  It is very much like the Socratic Method.  It is split testing, which we think of as a marketing term generally, but I'm referring a process of elimination until all is one, meaning you've arrived at the best, most efficient, economic, ergonomic, moral or accurate scenario.  It's not a hollow "we're all one", so love each other kumbaya.  It is knowing how, why when, and where it isn't all one (or the best scenario) and liberating others from the fairy tales that hurt us all.  If you get good enough at it, guess what?  People turn you into the new fairy tale.  So live your life as an art form, a pyramid, a picture. 
            Most true causes for cancer aren’t often talked about because of political pressures.  Everyone wants cures, few want prevention.  Far too many want to go on their merry way and have someone else solve their problem for them.  No one wants any responsibility beyond thinking positive, prayer, and magic beans. 
          The deepest level of compassion encompasses an incessant sadness.  If you ask me if I am joyful of happy, sure I am happy.  Life is pretty good.  I have a lot to be grateful for.  But if you ask me if I am sad.  Of course I am sad.  With so much misery and suffering in the world, how can I not be?  The present includes both.  To be only positive all day is somewhat selfish, or requires a lack of engagement in the world.  When you meet people who are either Born again or new age or whatever makes a person incessantly happy and bubbly and boisterous, they almost always seem delusional. They aren’t truly alive or fully awake, they are often (though not always) shallow idiots.  Yes it sounds great, be positive! Think positive! Ra ra ra!  Don't get me wrong, if you are heading out on the field engaged in sport, or off into battle, believing you are going to win will increase your performance.  So how better, if you are a coach or a general to get the most from your squad then to have them believe the almighty has commanded it so.  I have faith today.  I have faith that faith has positive effects.  Whether God or all in my head, the distinction has no relevance, hence the top of the pyramid, no step left to ascend to, beyond the duality.
            The great sages of our times, when you look at any of them, Gandhi, Dr. King, Vivekananda, they are passionate and engaged, but not deliriously joyful and optimistic 24/7.  They can't be because they understand few others understand what they do.  They are always deeply concerned with the issues of their time.  To speak in the public domain they are often straddling a line of ambiguity so as not to get killed.  It doesn't always work.  
          Today we have kind of moved passed women’s rights, civil rights, now gay rights, and of course there is still a lot to be done in these areas, but the real awakening of our planet will be part and parcel of animal rights.  That is when we will have made the shift to understanding we aren’t so special. That is when we as a species will have tamed our cumulative ego and embraced our role as the stewards we were always capable of being.  I don’t want animal rights and abuse to be law so much as choices not taken.  
          In the same way that we will never really prevent bigotry through laws alone, the change comes when people simply understand it is wrong.  While animal liberation isn’t the topic of this chapter but one we will discuss later, it does provide a good example though given the discussion on positive thinking.
             In my compassion for animals, driving to work each morning and seeing them lying dead in the road, I am aware that the bird is someone’s lover, mate.  I see the same birds together every morning in my back yard.  The possum in the shoulder of the road is someone’s mother. When I see all the travesties on the internet of factory farming and animal abuse, then observe ignorance and vanity walking down the street draped in fur, from an animal who was anally electrocuted and skinned alive, how can I not be incessantly sad?  If you are happy in the midst of such horrible conditions for both animals and humans, you are either tuned out, or incredibly self centered.  There is nothing wrong with putting your own interests first, like Ayn Rand or the Luciferians would tell you.  After all, you are no good to anyone if you don't look out for yourself.  But inflicting unnecessary torture upon a creature in the name of fashion is obscene. 
          You can think positive that you want to change something and have faith you will.  But if you don't focus first on the fact it is negative, your positive thinking is a negative, clearly!  Yet at the same time we only get one life and we don’t want to spend it miserable.  So how do we strike the balance?
            It does us no good to spend part of our day grieving and part of it turning our head the other way as even many engaged citizens of earth do.  Rather than going back and forth like a yo-yo, the wisest among us seem to find a place where they are simultaneously both.  That place is what true compassion means.  Think Jesus.  When I envision Jesus through the words and teachings ascribed to him, both in the New Testament and other less known gospels, I can sense a type of desperation.  I imagine an equanimity and a quietude accompanied by a deep love that grieves at the very same moment.  That is where you will find the Kingdom Jesus spoke of.
            When you meet people who are truly deep, profound, intelligent, and caring, you often find a striking depth behind the eyes.  Contrasted with when you meet people who are bubbling with positivity ad nauseum, you see a weak, shallow emptiness behind the eyes.  The yearn to feed people, be it physically, mentally, or spiritually, comes from knowing hunger and pain in each respect in a very poignant, sharp, biting way.  The deep, wise ones always seem to emanate a tinge of pain along with a depth of agape. You will just notice it.  The trick is, if you met the Buddha, you would see a complexity behind the eyes.  An equanimity, with both a paradoxical joy and pain.  It is neither male nor female, yin or yang.  It’s the Mona Lisa.  That’s the one.
            The ones who appear overly optimistic and joyful in their outward appearance, are always the ones who break down the hardest when life throws them curve balls.  When you aren't around, the inevitability of death, suffering, and grief on this planet seems to hit them the hardest.  The futility of their outlook eventually catches up with them.  The effort they put forth into their spiritual materialism, their intention to keep up appearances, to look like the Buddha, or behave as they believe Jesus did, full of love that is not agape, not unconditional, but a farce, eventually wears down their spirit until it is devoid of the will to carry on.  It is not the true Samadhi, nor is it recommended for a happy, healthy life. 
            When you look at the futility of our times.  When you look at how much misery in the world is unnecessary, and when you couple that with the five concepts you will learn in this volume, there is tendency to become nihilistic at first.  A natural inclination to say, “what does it all mean?’  What is the point?”   But the truly compassionate will look to each day as an opportunity to serve the beloved in all its distressing disguises.  The meson operative keeps death over his left shoulder and you will notice in times of great stress is a rock of comfort to those around him or her. It isn’t such a shock to the system. Those who don’t have love for all of God’s creation and would treat part of it as commodity while putting on a happy face, are not agents of my Father’s Kingdom.  
          Cain the crop farmer has some sophisticated new gardening tools while he's playing God.  The animals are tortured and both plants and animals are being poisoned.  The vegetables from the Chinese food place up the street don't decay and even the raccoons don't touch them so I stopped ordering them, but the colors are more vibrant than a pack of Crayola markers.  Yes those GMO's look beautiful but they've been juicing like Lance. 
           Nothing new here, it's still Cain the murderous crop farmer using alchemical magic to create an illusion.  Nothing but silence from the media, like quiet children promised a green reward. But are GMO's bad?  Again, you have to split the variables to know what we are actually talking about.  Whether a crop is changed through centuries of breeding and selecting for certain traits, or changed in a lab with instant precision, the end result is the same.  What matters is what traits are being selected for.  A lot of people think of GMO as just this blanket catch all thing.  If you are selecting to have a crop be able to withstand more pesticide and then increase the pesticide used to grow it, sure I want to know that.  If people end up sick from eating it however, it isn't the practice of modifying genes that matters, it is the pesticide.
           Some crops could be more harmful, others could prove to be an improvement.  Ruby Red Grapefruit for example, was genetically altered through radiation, but because this happened by accident, you can buy it labeled organic.  The whole thing makes no sense.  I don't think banning the practice of genetic modification is prudent, but I would like to know exactly how it was modified and to what end before i consume something, that's all.
           Now if you really want a laugh, and to bring it back full cycle, the Bruce Lipton fans who think they can alter their genetics through the power of perception are no doubt the same folks who are are up in arms about genetic modification in a laboratory.  In my experience, the new-age crowd tends to lean left politically.  So altering genes through farming naturally, where you really have no control over which genes are being altered while you are attempting to use selective breeding is fine.  Positive thinking which for all we know could just be giving cancer the same boost it gives your immune system is somehow magically fool proof and perfect, but actually understanding the genome and selecting with acumen is "playing God".  It's all playing God I suppose.  It is just in one instance, God knows what the fuck he is doing and in the other God is fumbling around like an idiot.
           In any event, going to our happy place absent critical thinking will be the cause of our future and continued suffering.  Mother Nature is on the mound. Father Time is in the bull pen and will catch up with us all soon enough.  But where it all begins and ends, for the lecturers and conjecturers, farmers, harmers and alarmers...
     Whether hoping to avoid cancer or usher in a new-age,
    The straight no-doping answer is like an orangey-

red reward  stored in the cafetorium kitchen. 

So guard your "grill” one way or the other 

be it near the “plate” or up on stage
For this posi+ively ro+ten 

Jersey toma+o we'll 
be “pi+chin”
The Loving Spoonful
Do you believe in Magic
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