Mezonoxian Operations - Featuring Mesonoxia  Patent Elixir & Existential Medicine Show

(A verb, like all "things")

Three Sixty Five or 6 & Change 
            The duration of a solar year is approximately 365.2422 days, which is slightly less than three sixty five & a quarter days.  It takes the earth an extra 5 hours, forty-eight minutes forty-six seconds to circle the sun.  Therefore the old rule of adding a leap day every 4th year overcompensates, so they omit three leap years every 400 years. Still, there is a little something that has been left-over & out of a story concocted and choreographed in another time.  A little change is needed to make some… cents…make some… sense.  With a good grip on this change..
Stan orders dinner. You arrive.
Twenty six thirty five the damage
Likes to tip 5
In a town
That tips three.
A generous guy
Has a 20,
A ten
& a 5
Hands you over the thirty.
You look to him, 
The $3.65 appears on the line.
Stan would prefer that we all just make the change
Without waiting on him for instruction.
He really despises it when we make assumptions
About his intentions 
Concerning the gratuity which has never been contingent upon your service.
Still, he doesn’t want you having this knowledge
Ahead, of time
He doesn’t like you knowing your fortune
Until the very last second or
Until he is out of sight
He gives genuinely
So any adulation in his presence is awkward
As it confuses and cheapens the integrity of his motive.
“Yeah just give me…umm…”
Stan says.
“This Son of ub…”
You think.
And as the words "I don’t know, two bucks” trickle from his mouth
The new tip,
Only in your mind.
But you
Manifest it
For a moment
With your face,
As Stan looks on,
Contemplating what he perceives to be a snarky reaction he
Derives a momentary sick delight
In your confusion.
A generous guy has a slight
Sadistic streak
For those who deserve it.
If your eyebrow twitches
Twenty seven point three  degrees 
His offense meter crosses over the threshold.
Your genetic code
1000's of years of combinations 
Have put together the exact amount of hormone to produce an exact amount of Emotion
Which resides
In one corner versus
Your collective life experience and its influence on your
Trigger mechanism for self-control
As it all stands
In relation,
To Judge Stan’s generous vs. punitive instincts reflected
In the mesonoxian millisecond
The eyebrow reaches 21, twenty-three, 24.75,
twenty five point two five, 26 & change
Degrees. (can be any distance you make them)
In falling just short, the excess energy
Makes your lips turn from a quiver to a semi-smile the
Mona Lisa
Just in time
For the mesonoxian moment, where
five dollar bill emerges with
The Good Tip &
The Good Guy
Right at the edge,

Over, over,
& over again
Back and forth all day long a Midnight Train is doing a One Eighty
At the forefront and
In the back drop  
Mesonoxia prevails




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