Mezonoxian Operations - Featuring Mesonoxia  Patent Elixir & Existential Medicine Show

Well hello there.  Are you lost? Thanks for dropping in, why not stay for a night cap?  Is it daytime for you?  Here in Meso land it is always midnight.  Yes it appears you've stumbled upon a strange and mysterious corner of cyber-space where one may distill an expertly crafted and paradoxically complex existential moonshine. Proceed with caution as we are incessantly still, under construction so there are many moving parts served up on this midnight train of thought that's always in motion.   You're invited to ride along but the train doesn't stop to let you on or off like others, you just kind of have to leap.  If you choose to, enjoy yourself but know that you may not make it back from where you came.  This is existential upcycling. Experience laundering. Infinite possibilities created from an indivisible component...


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